Graphic Design

Graphic design, a key element to many marketing services offered at TCB, is the use of illustrated type, images, and other design elements to communicate a company’s brand and mission, and also to stylize all company marketing pieces for continuity.

Marketing material such as brochures and newsletters go through multiple stages during production. After all the research is conducted, the copy is written, edited, and laid out for a designer. The designer then takes the material and transforms it into a unique piece for your business.

For example, the beginning of a copy document for a design may look like this, but the designer’s creation–and the end product–is the photo on the left:

Custom Craft Newsletter

Client:              Custom Craft Contractors
Deliverable:    Summer 2013 Craftsman newsletter
Format:           8.5 x 11”, 4/4 w/ bleeds, folds to 3.5 x 8.5” and is a self-mailer

Page 1 (Side with Craftsman Header)

[Header]Featured Project: A Basement Retreat
[Image:  CC-NH-12-3254-300PPI]

COPY: The owners of this Ambler, PA home had a beautiful pool area where they enjoyed entertaining guests, but there was one drawback: In order to access the house, they had to trudge upstairs to a second-floor deck — an inconvenient proposition when trying to serve food poolside or answer the call of nature. To make their pool more accessible, they enlisted Custom Craft to remodel their basement…

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