White Papers

white paper content marketingWhite papers are another form of content marketing that deliver messages about industry challenges and trends in lay terms.  A well written white paper typically addresses and defines a key problem then presents a new solution.  It is NOT a sales pitch; it is a persuasive essay that provides helpful information about overcoming the defined problem. In fact, the portion in which you define how your company or product can help solve the problem should be no more than 20 percent of the length of the paper.

Many marketers will tell you that white papers are a dying form.  We disagree. With careful planning and execution, white papers will persuade your readers that you are an industry expert, and help advance the sales process.

93% of IT buyers share up to half of the white papers they download.

“White Papers: How to Maximize the Use of White Papers in your B2B Marketing and Sales Process.” — InformationWeek Business Technology Network.

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