Writing for the Web

The way people read information online differs greatly from the way they read a book or a magazine. Reading online involves more skimming and linear progression; eyes jump around looking for what the user feels is significant, and their brain creates a meaning based on that information. For this reason, first impressions are critical on websites. The average visitor will leave a webpage within 10-20 seconds, and only read about a quarter of the content on a page. It is extremely important to write compelling content that immediately captures attention and drives your visitors deeper into your site.

When writing for the web, you should avoid typos and grammatical mistakes, long words, passive sentences, excessive punctuation and use of symbols, unnecessary fluff, or extra verbiage to fill a page. The seasoned copywriting team at TCB is careful to avoid all of these “web-writing no-nos” and is sure to invoke best web writing practices, such as:

  • Placing active words in headlines/titles
  • Creating strong hooks and leads to engage readers
  • Making bold statements to establish credibility and expertise
  • Asking questions to establish a dialogue with readers
  • Invoking active and relevant keywords
  • Following best practices for search engine optimization

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