Video Production

Videos are a low-cost and effective marketing tool, and allow you to make an emotional connection with your current and prospective clients. If you don’t already have videos on your company’s website, you should consider creating one (or two, or three). You can use video to:

  •    Engage your audience
  •    Establish expertise
  •    Showcase your work
  •    Demonstrate your products and services

Utilizing video for content marketing purposes will also improve your page ranking in organic search, as pages containing videos are deemed more authoritative and given precedence over those without. Videos are also easy to share via email and social media, and can spread virally among your clients, their friends and family which will help to expand your circle of influence.

Another positive is that videos have a lengthy shelf-life, and can be utilized for years after the initial taping. At TCB Marketing, we can provide you with professional planning, copywriting, story boarding, on-location video shoots, and post-production editing services. We will also upload and optimize the final video to your YouTube channel.

Accelerate your success with TCB.  For more information on our video production services, call us at (215) 368-8226 or schedule an appointment for a consultation.