Prioritize Updating Your Website in 2016

search engine optimizationIn 2016, one of the most critical marketing tasks every small business owner should have at the top of their ‘to-do’ list is to update the content on their website. By effectively updating, and adding new website content on a regular basis, businesses will experience elevated ranking in internet search results, and a corresponding increase in website traffic. The ripple effect of this activity will likely be increased leads and sales which will help businesses achieve their 2016 revenue goals. This is the foundation of content marketing. Seems simple right? Why is it then that so many small business websites go months or even years without an update?

Small business owners frequently experience one or more of the following challenges when it comes to maintaining their websites:

  • Lack the time to manage these updates themselves
  • Are not proficient in using the CMS their website was created with (WordPress, etc.)
  • Have not created a strategy for updating the website content
  • Do not have the budget to outsource updates
  • They have the budget to outsource, but are either working with a non-responsive vendor, or someone who is not competent
  • Get stuck coming up with ideas for new content to add to their site
  • Find it easier to post something to their favorite social media page (i.e. Facebook)

Time and resources are the biggest obstacles to keeping websites updated. For this reason, when content is shared, it typically gets posted directly to a social media page. To derive the greatest benefit, however, content needs be to placed on a website first, then linked to in social media, email, etc. To overcome the challenges associated with managing website content, consider these practical, and easy-to-implement tips:

  1. Target one page on the website per week to update
  2. Incorporate strategic keywords on each page
  3. Create a calendar entry for each update (i.e. Update Services Page on Tuesday, 1/5 @ 3 p.m.)
  4. Take a course on how to update a website ( offers a free 10-day trial for WordPress users)
  5. Make it visually interesting by supplementing text with photos, videos, and PDF documents
  6. Delegate the task of updating the website to a trusted, marketing-savvy staff person
  7. Outsource website updates to a reliable vendor who understands your business

Keeping website content fresh is one of the easiest ways for small businesses to improve their page ranking in search results, increase site traffic, and generate new leads and revenue. Get your 2016 off to a great start by prioritizing this critical marketing task.

If you have questions related to your website content management, please contact Tanya Bamford at (215) 368-8226.