Bamford Named MVP of RA Marketing Roundtables Meeting

Tanya Bamford named MVP of RA Marketing Roundtable, marketing award, tcb marketing

And the Marketing Roundtables MVP is: Tanya Bamford!

At a recent Remodelers Advantage Marketing Pros (RAMP) Roundtables meeting, I was honored to be named the meeting’s MVP. In recognition of my contributions, I received this nifty plaque which now resides in a place of honor in my office.

One of the reasons receiving this award is so gratifying is because it was bestowed by a talented group of my peers. Participants in the RAMP Roundtables are marketing professionals working in the remodeling industry at companies of all sizes from across North America. Throughout the two-day conference, each roundtable participant shares their marketing challenges and group members weigh in with ideas and suggestions. At the conclusion of each meeting, a vote is taken to determine who contributed the greatest value throughout the event. This brings me to the next reason this award is so meaningful to me: It’s my first marketing award.

Throughout my career I have received numerous awards and honors for work performance, leadership, and even been named Small Business of the Year, but this is the first award I have received which specifically recognizes my marketing acumen. It’s probably worth noting that I haven’t applied for any marketing awards either. Unlike larger firms, as a small business owner I have limited resources to dedicate to non-essential activities like awards applications. That is why being voted MVP by this distinguished group of marketing pros was such an unexpected yet wonderful surprise. I could not be more proud.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge a few people who were instrumental in supporting me. First, many thanks go out to my peers in the RAMP group for this recognition. I think you are all MVPs and your vote of confidence is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank Custom Craft Design Build Remodeling for their on-going patronage. I could not have participated without the support of my husband, Steve Bamford, who did double parenting duty while I attended the meetings in Baltimore. Finally, special thanks go out to Mark Harari and Victoria Downing of Remodelers Advantage for organizing another fantastic Roundtables event. For as much as I contributed, I received that much and more in return. Thank you all!


What an honor to be honored

Today, I had the good fortune to be recognized at the PennSuburban Chamber of Commerce’s Committee Appreciation Breakfast that took place at the Peter Becker Community.

Tanya Bamford honored with award, Andy Szekely, Greg O'Brien, Pam Kelly, PSCC Awards

From left to right honorees Andy Szekely, Tanya Bamford, and Greg O’Brien pose with chamber president, Pam Kelly, for a photo at the PSCC Committee Appreciation Breakfast.

The purpose of the event was to honor the contributions of the chamber’s many volunteers and recognize a few committee chairs who have recently stepped down from their posts, myself included.

From 2010 to 2013, I served as the Chair of the Small Business Committee (SBC). I have often said that the chamber played an integral part in my business success. If I were to be more specific, I would have to credit my participation on the SBC as being the most significant. By donating a small amount of time each month to the committee, my business has benefited greatly. I have been given opportunities to develop strategic business partnerships with other committee members, establish my credentials as a speaker, gain valuable exposure for my business, and generate revenue. Furthermore, it was through my efforts on the committee that I caught the attention of the Board of Directors, who recognized my company with the 2010 Small Business of the Year Award and then subsequently invited me to serve on the Board of Directors. Suffice it to say, I have seen a strong return on my investment in chamber membership.

As someone who is more accustomed to promoting the awards of others, being the honoree today felt somewhat uncomfortable. Perhaps the reason for my discomfort lies with feeling that I should somehow be honoring the chamber for all it has done for me. That said, I intend to proudly display my plaque in the office. Many thanks to Pam Kelly, our chamber president, for this award. And, to my fellow SBC members, and all of our other committee volunteers, thank you for your efforts on behalf of the chamber. I look forward to many more years as a member of this dynamic organization.