Bamford Named MVP of RA Marketing Roundtables Meeting

Tanya Bamford named MVP of RA Marketing Roundtable, marketing award, tcb marketing

And the Marketing Roundtables MVP is: Tanya Bamford!

At a recent Remodelers Advantage Marketing Pros (RAMP) Roundtables meeting, I was honored to be named the meeting’s MVP. In recognition of my contributions, I received this nifty plaque which now resides in a place of honor in my office.

One of the reasons receiving this award is so gratifying is because it was bestowed by a talented group of my peers. Participants in the RAMP Roundtables are marketing professionals working in the remodeling industry at companies of all sizes from across North America. Throughout the two-day conference, each roundtable participant shares their marketing challenges and group members weigh in with ideas and suggestions. At the conclusion of each meeting, a vote is taken to determine who contributed the greatest value throughout the event. This brings me to the next reason this award is so meaningful to me: It’s my first marketing award.

Throughout my career I have received numerous awards and honors for work performance, leadership, and even been named Small Business of the Year, but this is the first award I have received which specifically recognizes my marketing acumen. It’s probably worth noting that I haven’t applied for any marketing awards either. Unlike larger firms, as a small business owner I have limited resources to dedicate to non-essential activities like awards applications. That is why being voted MVP by this distinguished group of marketing pros was such an unexpected yet wonderful surprise. I could not be more proud.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge a few people who were instrumental in supporting me. First, many thanks go out to my peers in the RAMP group for this recognition. I think you are all MVPs and your vote of confidence is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank Custom Craft Design Build Remodeling for their on-going patronage. I could not have participated without the support of my husband, Steve Bamford, who did double parenting duty while I attended the meetings in Baltimore. Finally, special thanks go out to Mark Harari and Victoria Downing of Remodelers Advantage for organizing another fantastic Roundtables event. For as much as I contributed, I received that much and more in return. Thank you all!